6th May 2016


Your featured Yoga teacher for the May 2018 5 Elements TADAH Wellness Retreat is….

*Please not that workshops will take place in English but both Lisa and the TADAH staff speak both English and German*

Lisa Looping of FlyLightYoga (Vienna, Austria)

Following her all time motto: “Do more of what makes you truly happy!” Lisa has made two of here biggest passions into her profession: Yoga and Hooping. When teaching and performing worldwide she is hoping to inspire more people to try the same, as it is her ultimate goal to contribute to other people’s happiness and life a meaningful life while enjoying the process.

Lisa is based in Vienna but loves to travel across the globe to share her love for yoga and hula hooping with the world. Yoga has been part of her live for more than 15 years. In 2013 she felt her call to start teaching and sharing her practise.

Lisa is a 2nd level AcroYoga teacher certified by AcroYoga.org and on the path to become an Immersion teacher mentored by Lucie Beyer. Aerial Yoga is her other passion that combines two of her biggest motivations: Playfulness and flying without wings. Together with Sheila Falk from Aerial Yoga Vienna she is passionately leading Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings worldwide.

2005 – 2016 Lisa was working for the international performance company PhoenixFireDancers.com. Performing on stage but also coordinating the bookings from the headquarters in Vienna, where she also managed their training space the Phoenix CircusArtsCenter.at. In 2008 she discovered her love for the hula hoop and in 2011 she started her multi-hooping solo career as Lisa Looping.com

Teacher Trainings and Immersions
2013: Yoga Teacher Training for Dancers, 50 hours, Impulstanz Vienna, certified by Sri Louise, The Underground Parlour
2013: Hatha Yoga Teacher Training: Yoga-Lounge Vienna, 200 hours, Yoga Alliance certified
2013: Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Aerial Yoga Vienna, 50 hours, certified by Sheila Falk
2014: AcroYoga Solar Immersion Vienna, 30 hours: Jason and Chelsey Magness, Yogaslackers
2015: AcroYoga Elemental Immersion Koh Phangan, 30 hours: Marc Bauchet and Oliver Chamorro
2015: AcroYoga Teacher Training Barcelona, 150 hours, certified by Jason Nemer, Alexandra Ruiz, Pascal Weiss, Julia Weiss, Lucie Beyer, Almuth Kramer
2015: AcroYoga Lunar Immersion Bratislava, 30 hours: Oliver Chamorro and Justin Caruso
2015: AcroYoga Lunar Immersion Vienna 30 hours, assisting Erica Montes and Yohann Guichard
2016: AcroYoga Elemental Immersion, 30 hours, assisting Erica Montes and Yohann Guichard
2016: AcroYoga Solar Immersion Bratislava, 30 hours, assisting Alexandra Ruiz and Jacob Handwerker
2017: AcroYoga Lunar Immersion Koh Phangan, 30 hours, assisting Jason Nemer and Sophia LaPastina
2017: AcroYoga Solar Immersion Vienna, 30 hours, assisting Lucie Beyer and Oliver Chamorro